Detalle Films (Mexico 2006) emerges as a production entity to cover a series of outstanding needs with cinematographic authors – national and foreign – and his work, but also to encourage audiovisual production through Private capital.
These needs are linked to the creative processes and traditional methods of production that in many cases stop and fade the original ideas of the authors.
Detalle Films produces from an instinct and a personal relationship – in most cases even fraternal – between producer and creator and this can be reflected in the filmography that Detalle Films has managed to consolidate from its origin to the present day.
The Ibero-American film Fenix® Award recognizes and celebrates the work of All those who are engaged with the cinema in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. This annual award, organized by Cinema23, brings together the film community in Latin America to recognize those who with their creative work contribute to the cinema in the region. It links the cinematographies of the different countries and projects Latin American cinema to other regions. The second Iberoamerican cinema Fenix® Award ceremony was conducted on November 25, 2015 at the city theatre Esperanza Iris in the city of Mexico.
Cinema23 is an Association for the promotion and dissemination of the film made in Latin America. It is made up of a group of diverse people dedicated to film with outstanding career and recognition

Pandaprieto not always asnoalbino2, best play with pandaprieto (.com) -and the Nephew uncomfortable -and Moreno- who stole money from his parents (ill-gotten gains of course) and went with her friends from high school to Acapulco and It burned everything in the baby’o, cocaine, weed and trips in the parachute.

In the digital era, the era in which everything can be read and consume on a screen, at the time when the experience decoding has multiplied and fired in many directions, the paper book must play a dual role: on the one Side, it must preserve its historical function of communicating and revealing knowledge and, on the other, it must operate as an object worthy of preservation.
E-MP are convinced that the experience of reading and looking at a book on paper is not a matter of just borrow information, it is possible to relate to the object: touch it with his eyes, discover their materials and enjoy their proportions. This experience of relationship with the object-and not only information- is what we want to emphasize in Editions MP.

Web original content channel focused on new audiences and formats


Kichink is the leading integrated e-commerce solution in Mexico.

Buying and selling online has never been so easy!


FUNDACION ALUMNOS 47 is a Non-profit organization that brings together and serves to learning communities, discussion and reflection on contemporary artistic practices. Through different programmes of action, seeks to revitalize the appreciation and practice of contemporary art, linking different audiences in an artistic and educational way.
FUNDACION ALUMNOS 47 creates and offers spaces for meeting and coexistence that facilitate inclusive and pluralistic approach to contemporary visual culture. Programs that currently are:

  • Collection and releases
  • Curational
  • Link-up

“Pantalla Blanca” is a game. It is real-time interaction. It is a chain of affectivities. It is the alternative reality. It is a laboratory. It’s an exhibition. Pantalla Blanca is a program of contemporary art exhibitions. Our interest is to ask new questions about exhibition formats in the present.

We want to spread and distribute the work and thinking of new artists residing in Mexico City. It materializes in two ways: a physical exhibition on the internet. And one virtually inside a Pedregal house. We can not see a present from which to imagine a future perhaps that is why we invent infinite formats.


The LNBP was created on March 11 2000 with the goal of bringing the best of sport throughout the country, and producing basketball professionals.

At the moment it is conformed by 10 teams more CAPITANES, that will begin to play in the season 2017-2018.


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